Commercial Interpreters

Arranging for interpreters with Multilingual Planet will provide you professional interpreters for all your interactions with your foreign counterparts. We have provided our service to a range of institutions, including both for-profit and non-profit. Let Multilinguall Planet assist you with everything from your business negotiations to finding accomodations for your visitors.

Our team of professionals can assist in the communication of ideas or concerns between the parties involved to help you forge new relationships while providing your foreign counterparts with trust and confidence.

Here are some tips when working with interpreter in a business environment:

  • Plan in advance to reserve additional time since your meetings will take longer when there is an interpreter involved.
  • Provide written material about your industry and the topics to be discussed so that Multilingual Planet can prepare the interpreter with all the necessary terminology to provide accurate and smooth communication.
  • Always use and hire an interpreter from a reliable source since an untrained interpreter may compromise your negotiations with inaccurate interpretations or by not being an neutral communication vehicle.
  • Address your clients directly by speaking through the interpreter rather than to the interpreter.
  • Refrain from making any comments that you would not want the interpreter to communicate. This is an importan practice also since many foreign visitors will have some understanding of English even if for complicated negotiations they prefer the assistance of an interpreter.

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