Frequently Asked Questions

Why  work with MLP ?

An agency like Multilingual Planet, LLC can handle the searching, negotiating and overseeing all the steps along the way so that you can use your time more efficiently. Translation is a complicated business, and we can offer you:

  • A large database of translators with different areas of expertise
  • The ability to handle rush jobs
  • Project management capability to coordinate the steps of the project
  • The ability to coordinate projects in multiple languages
  • The delivery of your documents proofread by a professional other than the translator to watch for errors, omissions, etc.
  • A screening of translators to check qualifications
  • An array of software and hardware to meet your needs whether you work in Mac or PC
What is the difference between interpreting and translating?

Interpreting is done orally and translation is done in a written format.

How much longer will my foreign language document be?

Remember, written translations may expand anywhere from 20% to 25% from the original text in English.

What can I expect to pay for a translation?

All documents are not the same. It is essential for you to understand the pricing process. Translation costs vary depending on many different factors: language, both the target language and the level of difficulty, turnaround time, the size of the document and additional services such as desktop publishing. Typically, the total number of words that were translated into the target language are paid on a per word basis. There is usually a minimum translation project fee.

Can you meet deadlines when translating?

Yes we can, however because quality is our first concern, we will always ask you to reconsider your deadline if we think that quality is going to be sacrificed.

Can I get my project overnight?

In order to maintain the quality of your translation, it is highly recommended that you allow enough time to have your project translated carefully and accurately. Multilingual Planet provides a guide to our clients explaining the necessary steps that go into a professionally prepared translation. This way you will understand all the intricate steps involved in the translation process.

How can we obtain a quote?

You can contact Multilingual Planet, LLC by using our e-mail address, phone number or fax number. We will respond to you the very next day.


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