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Interpreting Services:

Medical Interpreters

As immigration continues to shift the demographics in the United States, the demand for medical interpreters has increased in response to delivering medical care in a safe and efficient manner. It is crucial to have trained medical interpreters to avoid misinterpretations leading to misdiagnosis and other dangerous situations. Culturally sensitive health care delivery will give you the edge in capturing volume in the ethnic market place.

Make a lasting impression on visiting heath care professionals from other countries by providing them with professional interpreters during their visit. Tap into the international patient market by providing the appropriate communication vehicle with MLP interpreters. MLP can also help your institution with medical symposiums and medical information. Multilingual Planet will partner with your healthcare institution to improve your reputation by giving you the language services you need.  Learn More

Legal Interpreters

Multilingual Planet can serve your legal interpreting needs with experienced court interpreters to help you win your case against language barriers. Whether you are getting ready for a deposition, to cross-examine a witness in a trial, or to prepare a witness that does not speak English you need a qualified interpreter on your team. Whatever the setting is, we can provide an experienced and knowledgeable interpreter. Learn More

Conference Interpreters

When conferences have multilingual audiences, no method is as effective as simultaneous interpreting. Often, many non-English speaking people may not feel comfortable if you do not offer language assistance. With Multilingual Planet, you will enhance accurate communication with foreign clients, business prospects or government representatives. Let us arrange an interpreter who has knowledge of your industry which will help you to make an impression and create a lasting relationship. 

Commercial Interpreters

Multilingual Planet, working as a partner with you and your international clients, will help with client presentations, roundtables, focus groups, seminars and meetings. Our teams are experienced not only in interpreting but also knowledgeable with cultural pitfalls of conducting business in a foreign language. Multilingual Planet can also arrange a guide who can show your foreign guests your beautiful city, demonstrating your sincere and warm hospitality. Learn More


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