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What do I have to do to transform an Existing Video?

  • You submit the script to us with the time sequence and we will start with the necessary steps.
  • We will send you the translation for your review.
  • You can then provide us with comments and suggestions for us to incorporate.
  • Our team of narrators and editors will incorporate the voice-over in the project. You could also opt for subtitled video or have it delivered with close captioned.
  • We will finish the dubbing process with the studioís producers and engineers ensuring you the best quality sound/language together with your final copies.

Should I use Narration or Subtitles for my international audience?

  • If you are not sure which option to chose, think about who is going to be your target audience and consider the level of education if you opt for subtitles. This is very important due to the fact that your target audience could have a lower level of education and providing a more sophisticated language level could create difficulties in following the interaction with the video.
  • If your script is verbally long, remember that this will produce more words either when we translate (subtitles) directly in the video or narrate in the target language. If you prefer just subtitles, remember they will cover part of the screen in case you are concerned with the visual effects.
  • If you decide that narration is going to be better for the presentation, you should assign different voices for the different actors/anchors appearing on the screen.
  • Whether the video is for your limited English speaking market locally, or an international audience, your company needs to make an impact with the message in your customerís own language.

Tape Transcription/Tape Translation

If you have tape transcription or tape translation needs, Multilingual Planet can assist you from the moment you record your proceedings to the final step of transcription. Our wide range of translators and transcribers are prepared in over 100 languages and dialects and many area of expertise including legal, medical, and commercial presentations.


Multilingual Planet will transcribe court proceedings, pre-trial conferences or any other need you may have for transcription or translation of your legal information where the defendant or witness spoke a language other than English. Both attorneys and clients alike will be able to obtain certified transcripts and translations.


Whether your need be recording and transcribing medical presentations or documenting your office visit, Multilingual Planet will prepare what you need in the language of your choice. We can transcribe medical symposiums and medical information.

Commercial Needs

Focus Groups, Press Conferences, and Surveys are just a few of the advertising and commercial areas we cover in providing you with high quality recording and transcription of your various advertising and commercial needs. We can help you with seminars, meetings and client presentations.

Emergency Services

Calls made in a foreign language and taken by emergency services will have a need for fast, reliable and accurate transcription to ensure precision response to the emergency.



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