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Benefits of written Translations in the Medical Environment:

As immigration continues to shift demographics in the United States, the demand for medical translation or documentation has increased in response to delivering medical care in a safe and efficient manner. It is crucial and essential to have this information in order to avoid misinterpretations leading to misdiagnosis and other dangerous situations.

Your institution will benefit by making patients comfortable with the health care that you provide, which will make them want to choose you as their health care provider. A short-term investment will pay off when you discover how easy it is for a patient to follow instructions for complicated procedures. No more confusion of "I thought" or "I did not understand, nobody spoke my language". You can expedite the flow of operations by providing clear instructions in the patientís own language, making more efficient use of your time and the patientís too! By sending pre-operative reminders and preparations in the patient's own language, you will avoid "no-shows" and losing expensive operating room time. It's well worth the price!

What about teaching instructions? Does your institution teach limited-English speaking patients how to use medical equipment either in your facility or at home? Does the patient receive visiting nurses at home or technical assistance by your institution or by a subcontractor affiliated with your institution? How much interpreting service does the patient require in order to follow all instructions? At MLP we propose that by providing a well translated document in the patient's language, the patient will walk away with a clear understanding of their medical equipment. You won't need to rely as much on the technical representative or nurse in order for the patient to fully be aware how to use the medical equipment. Not only will this save you and the patient time, but also your institution will demonstrate its commitment to personalized care in a compassionate manner. Let MLP provide you with this creative approach to better patient care while saving you time and resources!

When you pay close attention to the vast number of people that need these services, your institution wins in many different aspects; providing culturally sensitive health care, winning the respect of the community, gaining market share, and becoming financially stronger. With our experience and professionalism we at Multilingual Planet can help you to overcome your language barriers. Our corporate goal is to provide efficient and flexible solutions for all our customers regardless of size or service needed.


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