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Narration, Voice Over, Post Production

One of the most important elements of your foreign language production is Professional Narration. Multilingual Planet will choose the right professional to ensure we provide great pronunciation and enunciation to your product. Our professionals have the ability to communicate properly and to place emphasis in the right places so your video or multimedia presentations make an effective impact on your client.

Assistance for Multimedia Projects: 

We know that your script was written to be spoken instead of being read. The material will need to be translated by our professional team and also converted to a spoken format. The new format will need to be timed against the pictures. Remember that most foreign languages will expand up to 25% more than the original English Version.

After the first step is implemented, Multilingual Planet will work closely with a team of professionals in order to check accuracy while directing the talents and correcting edits to ensure quality process control. The final result will be an accurate product that transmits to your local or international audience the message that was intended in its original form. Learn More with our Glossary.


Price for services on foreign language video/audio translation is based on different factors: The language, length of the audio, number of foreign voices and technicality. This technicality is whether  the material is needed for non-broadcast, TV or Radio usage. MLP takes care of all the steps necessary for the production of your audio/video, including booking the talent, studio with director and engineer along with handling all final paper work. In addition we'll need the original script and video so we can evaluate the material and give you an accurate quote. Learn more about Video/ Media Solutions.


We can deliver audio to you by disk, CD or any format. We can distribute your audio in the desired format and encode audio in mav, mp3, real audio and some other formats.

E-mail your script to info@multilingualplanet.com . Please clarify whether you prefer a male or female voices and the audio format desired by your company.


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