Software Localization Steps


When adapting software for other countries, we consider cultural, linguistic and technical aspects. Our team takes human judgment, knowledge and experience. The team  studies each terminology very carefully to determine the best equivalent.

If your institution is contemplating the idea of getting into new international markets or if your corporation has already a presence in the world or if your small company is expanding into Europe or Asia, you need to localize your material.

Software Localization is the process of translation and adaptation of a product or software application into another language. Changes include documentation, printed manuals, packaging, marketing material, on-line help, and ensuring that the new version must retain the functionality and usability of the original, and in addition being accepted by the local culture.

Many countries in Europe require that in order to allow products from countries outside the common European market, all written instructions related to the product or software need to be translated. In addition, your company will be positioned better in the target market due to the fact that the end-users feel more comfortable reading and dealing in their mother tongue and your well-localized products will be better positioned against the competition. Localizing your product will help to attract distributors, resellers, VARS, and increase your sales. You will be able to negotiate better with foreign distributors when they see your product being localized.

Multilingual Planet will assist you in coordinating each step along the way in order to obtain a successful result with all your products. Our team of localizers have experience working with most major software development tools including Microsoft Visual C++, visual Basic, Visual Studio, SDK, DDK, Help Workshop, HTML Help Workshop etc, etc. Click here to learn more

Our process will include:

  1. Define aspects of your software which could be localized
  2. Create a schedule for the localization process, benchmarks and dates
  3. Provide a team of professionals translators, work with them and create strategies to maintain consistency on the project.
  4. We'll work closely with your team to ensure the localization process goes smoothly.
  5. Create an international product that will increase your sales.


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