Software Localization Steps:

Our localization solution service is compose of an integrate semi-automated software and human know -how process that combine brings a result of 5 components:

  1. Project Management: The project manager is the communication link of all the activities that are taking place within the project. Our project manager is aware of all the progress while the process is in progress. Contact is continues between client and our localized team members during the whole process. The person in command of the project has experience delegating the work environment-taking place.

  2. Language Services: Our teams are arrange by professionals specialist that combine familiarity with languages and specific subjects. Our work environment provides easy access and sharing capabilities with all work materials between Localization services subdivision and our Translation services. These two teams collaborated in our unique business model " ATEQA" (Analysis, Translation, Editing and Quality Assurance" providing fast and accurate results.

  3. Localization team: Content for the web is develop in many different technological ways including databases and scripting languages. Localizing a product means impacting the code and the text. Using wrong methods or mistaking the use of the code process will cause the language to be unusable and inaccessible.

  4. Graphic Designing team: A big section of a web site includes graphics  ( typographic and non verbal elements) and the success of the web site is determine by how well the graphic designer team knows how to work well with these elements. Multilingual Planet, has the necessary tools, environment and operating system to create final project for you.

  5. Quality Assurance: This is our last process, we make sure every step along the way was implemented and tested. Once we ensure the functionality of the product is ready we launch the localized project.



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