Time Zones

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Time Zone Converter
Tell the time anywhere in the world using the updated time zone database.
Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data
A directory of sites providing descriptions of civil timekeeping concepts, source code, databases, and maps.
World Time Zone Map
Shows all world time zones and how to calculate the time in another time zone.
International Time Zones
A table of time difference between the USA's time zones and the rest of the world.
Information about time zones, time keeping and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
International Standard Date and Time Notation
An overview of the ISO 8601 notation for dates.
How Stuff Works: Time
Complete five-part explanation of time and how it is measured, including information about clocks, time zones, calendars, BC and AD.
Time FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about time (from sci.astro news group)
U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department
The official source of time for the Department of Defense and the standard of time for the United States
Calendar Zone
Dates in history; links to biographical and geographical events. Find out what's happened on your birthday before your were born. Also includes recipes and poetry.
Daylight Saving Time
History of daylight saving time and how we use it to save energy.
U.S. Naval Observatory - Time Service Department
Provides information about the Master Clock facility at the Washington Naval Observatory which is home to the country's official timekeeper.
Timezone Converter
Converts an entered time from one timezone to another.
Horology is the science of time, timekeeping and timekeepers. Organized collection of links to horological websites globally.

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