If you do not wish to fill out the online form, you can print out this form and send it via fax to 1-617-249-1545. 

Web Translation Work Request Form

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Web Development:
What type of Web Site is this?
Business Site Personal Site
Total number of web site pages required:
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How many words will your Web Site/text contain: 
Will you be supplying a logo for the site or will you require us to create a Web Logo / Page Header?

Enter the target language or languages into which we will be translating:

Source: Target:
Do you have a glossary or a list of key industry terms already translated that you would like us to use?
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For those who already have websites

Please indicate your website’s homepage URL address. (We will contact you to determine the best way to acquire the site, usually via FTP or e-mail. Please specify FTP address).
Project Start Date- The date upon which we will download your site for translation. (Modifications to your site after this date are considered updates.):

If there are any sections of your website that you do not want translated, please make sure to indicate that to us in detail (including any address, links, text in images, logos, etc).

Please indicate if you would like any words or text appearing in your images to be translated and then have the images retouched?

What environment program does your website run in?
Java VB Scripting Database
ASP Cgi Scripting ColdFusion
Javascript Shockwave/Flash Other  

"Facelift" for your Web Site

Please indicate what changes you would like to see in your website, whether it be design, text, color, links or other
Elements your require:
Headers Logos Imagemaps Animations
Forms Tables Frames Banner
Please tell us your field and the degree of complexity of the text you will be using. Describe the graphics you would like for your web site. Please indicate if any of the graphics will contain text, and if so, how much text. Tell us anything additional about the graphics you would like on the site.
How many graphics do you have?
Indicate type of artwork
How complex are the graphics?
Would you like to change your animated graphics
Are there any graphics layered
Yes No
How many strings does your web site contain?

I would like the web master to provide me with the service of:

Domain name registration Website Maintenance
Banner Design Special Online Form
On-site Photography Submission to Search Engines
Approx no. of photos Submission to special directories
Compilation of links Logo Creation
Please tell us any other special requirements or details that will help us meet your expectations in the creation of your website.

Thank you once again for choosing Multilingual Planet!