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With more and more potential customers getting on to the Internet, corporations like yours, with the interest of going global, have to tailor web sites for those foreign users that prefer sites in their native language. Did you know that people spend twice as much time on sites on their own language and are three times more likely to buy from them?

More non-English speaking customers are joining this new cybermarket. Your site could be one of the ones chosen, or simply get clicked in and out for not having a translated web site that makes the experience comfortable for that potential customer. If you do not establish a relationship with this niche market and its customers, those prospects will go to someone who is paying attention to their needs. Preparing a website for other markets means adjusting the site consciously for the targeted audience, it involves sensitivity to local cultural standards and language.

What are some of the benefits of translating your site? Your cost will go down when you offer information and instructions in a local language since you are increasing efficiency, convenience and results. You have more opportunities to connect with local partners across all areas of your business like marketing, merchandise, sales, customer service, and not to mention the brand image you create. This is priceless.

Much has been said about globalization and the important role that it plays in the life of a company. When you localize, you are converting products or services that were conceived for international markets and then customizing them to fit or accommodate the regional culture. In this way, you are helping your business feel like a local company.

At Multilingual Planet, we believe that a multilingual web site is an essential tool in order to enter the international arena. Creating an international site requires technical writing, design changes and testing efforts, all very important aspects that Multilingual Planet can provide in order for your company to obtain unique presence in this cyber-economy. Multilingual Planet can help you to create a site that is culturally relevant to the targeted audience.


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