Companies with a Diverse Employee Population

Does your company have a diverse employee population whose primary language is not English? Communication is the essential tool to create and build a work team that can carry out both the values and instructions of your organization. Translating materials to include this employee population is not just good business, its essential to success.

Increased comprehension leads to increased confidence: armed with information on how your organization works will allow employees to feel better about their mission and responsibilities. They will have more confidence in their daily tasks, which will reflect in dealings with your clients.

Safety: giving instructions that are clear in their own language will diminish the probability of misunderstandings and miscommunications that could lead to accidents. This will protect both your company and the employees from unnecessary accidents and the cost they bring.

Compliance and reduction in errors: understanding processes and how they function will improve the way the employees do their job. Knowing clearly what steps are necessary to do their work will reduce errors and rework, saving your organization money.

Increased loyalty: the gesture of providing information in that employee's language will demonstrate your interest in them having the tools to do their job well. This will improve their sense of loyalty to your company, reducing turnover and new employee training costs.

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