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The Universal Currency Converter
Convert amounts in any currency into any other, with one click.
Key-Tourist-Info.Com - Currency Converter
Find up-to-date exchange & currency rates from around the world, on this tourist information site.
Pacific Exchange Rate Service
Retrieval and plotting of current and historic exchange rates. Forecasts and analyses.
FXConverter: 164 Currency Converter
Convert any of 164 currencies in 7 different languages.
Womenswire Currency Converter
Exchange rates from over 200 foreign currencies. Calculate how many units of one currency is equivalent to another, based on today's conversion rates.
Bloomberg Currency Information
Exchange rates between any two world currencies, spot rates of the top 11 countries and a useful regional currency table.
Travel Channel Currency Converter
This 164 currency converter allows you to get up-to-date exchange rates around the world.
Royal Bank Currency Converter
Royal Bank's Currency Converter allows you to quickly convert over 40 foreign currencies to Canadian or U.S. Dollars.
Indra Currency Converter
convert currency of 30 nations.
CNN Currency Converter
CNN travel essentials currency converter
Free Exchange Rate Calculator
Convert one currency to another with LIVE exchange rate data. All countries are supported for quick currency conversions.
Thomas Cook Currency Converter
Convert currency from 25 countries. UK residents can order holiday money online for home delivery.
World Market Company's Currency Converter
Free online currency converter for all key currencies (104 currencies).
OzForex Custom Currency Converter
Full featured foreign currency converter, converts 165 currencies instantly.
Exchange Rates
Exchange rates and currency converter with 36 rates available.
Landseer's Currency Converter
Up to date exchange rates for 164 currencies. Powered by OANDA.
Barkley's Euro Currency Conversion Calculator
Free web based currency conversion calculator with exchange rates posted/updated daily. Calculates typical bank and credit card rates (buy or sell), and shows the change (up or down) compared with last business day.
1-Click Currency Conversion
Exchange rate currency conversion with 1-Click. Currency travel card for your wallet/purse. Currency Agent provides help with foreign website prices. Create your own plots of ForEx trends.
Fuzzycrawler Currency Converter
An online currency converter for more than 20 currencies. Online Currency Converter
Free online currency converter with major countries of the world. Official daily rates from the European Central Rates. Available in 5 languages. Advanced currency converter available with major currencies of the world.

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