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Multilingual Planetís objective is to provide a smart vehicle of communication in all type of media services, written, oral, or print. We know that in todayís economy companies need to connect to diverse local and international multilingual and multicultural audiences.

As technology continues to increase and evolve in our society, so does the market for multimedia titles. If you need to translate videos, CD-Roms,  games, and other entertainment material, trust us to provide you with our best multimedia solution. In this age of advanced video/technology, companies need to communicate a message in the most effective manner to its customers. Multilingual Planet meets those needs by expertly and sensitively localizing English into a foreign language.


Multilingual language presentations require special setup for those customers that would follow your proposals and presentations in non-English speaking countries. Multilingual Planet can change your original material for the foreign language equivalent.


Multilingual Planet can help you to translate your companyís promotional videos and CD-ROMs to either train your employees or foreign partners or let them know your business ideas in a more culturally sensitive way . Your colleagues will appreciate your gesture and your business will impact the target audience with the same quality and strength as the original version.

Our services include:

  • Transcription and timecoding of original material
  • Translation of original material, editing, timing of scripts
  • Voice-over narration facility
  • Subtitles
  • Audio recording and mixing
  • Musical and sound effects
  • Videotaping
  • Artwork and design

Our video projects are supervised and guided by our experienced team. An appropriate bilingual manager who guarantees the quality of voice, pronunciation and intonation will supervise the sessions. Learn More


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