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Boston as a Majority minority city

The recent 2000 Census Bureau shows how Latinos, Asians and other minorities groups are becoming an important trend population in the New England Area. Boston with almost a population of 600,000 and the Suburbs with 605,830, shows important changes in communities around the city.

The Latino Population in Boston grew from 23,134 to 85,089 people. The Asian population grew up from 14,369 to 44,000 people. In we break these numbers in the Boston Area we have that 14.4% are Latinos, 7.5% Asians, 1.4% other racial groups, 3.1% two or more races and 23.8 % Blacks. We must clarify that amount blacks also are include Latinos, Caribbean's, Africans and other minorities with black ancestry. In addition Asians in the Boston area double by 48% and Latinos grew by 37% compare with the previous Census.

Asian are spread out more that other minorities groups, however we can find that in Boston's cities like Quincy where the Asian population grew by more than 60 percent and Lowell are the ones that account for most of Boston representation. Latinos in the Boston area are more concentrated in Jamaica Plain and Chelsea.

Massachusetts population is about 6,634,097 residents. Out of those Massachusetts counts for 6.8% Latino, 3,7% Asian, 0.7% other and 1.7% two or more races. State wide the Latino population accounts for 428,729 people a 49% increase from the 1990. The Asian population accounts for 238,124. 3.7% but this growth was more quickly in percentage terms and incremental of 68% over 1990.

Chelsea accounts for one of the highest grow rate for more than 22 percent Latino. In Cambridge the largest minority is Asians with which grew to11.8% of the total Cambridge population. Quincy which is predominantly Chinese grew by 60% .

Lawrence account for 59.7% Latino population, a total of 43,000 people. Middlesex county Asian population rose to 91,000 people making them a 6.2% of the total population. For the first time in Massachusetts about 110, 388 people picked two or more races.

White: 5,367,286

Black: 343,454

Native American: 15,015

Asian: 238,124

Pacific Islander: 2,489

Other: 236,724

Biracial: 138,177

Multiracial: 146,005

Hispanic population: 428,729

Non-Hispanic population: 5,920,368

Voting age population: 4,849,033

Under 18 population: 1,500,064


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