What kind of confidentiality can I expect when I use an interpreter or your translation service?

With our service we are in charge of many companies' needs. Whether it is for corporations in the healthcare, insurance, reinsurance, employee benefits, risk management, law, or financial services, we always assure confidentiality. We do not divulge the nature of any assignment to any person outside our firm. Our team is made up of professionals who are bound by our code of ethics and our company policy to maintain all client information in strict confidence.

Are there differences between simplified and traditional Chinese?

Traditional Chinese and the traditional writing form has been the standard method chosen in areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and mostly in the Chinese communities overseas. The simplified version of the Chinese Language has been the standard writing method since the language was created in the 1950ís by the Peopleís Republic of China. There are some differences in the writing style between the two. In fact, most traditional Chinese readers have difficulties reading simplified Chinese.

What is a Glossary and how can I benefit from it?

A glossary is a list of terms that may be specific to your company or industry that you will use often in your written translations. Multilingual Planet can create a list of these terms, translate them, and return them to you for review by your multilingual client base or overseas office to make sure the most comprehensive and agreeable terms have been selected. From that point on, the agreed upon terms will be used in all of your translations. This will create both consistencies in your written documents as well as a quicker review process.

Why is identifying your audience so important in written translations?

If you have identified your target audience as Portuguese speaking or Spanish speaking, your task is not finished yet. People speaking certain foreign languages can come from different countries and cultural backgrounds. This is important information for Multilingual Planet to know in order to provide you with the most effective translation to get your message across. The reason for this is that certain styles and words vary from country to country. The Portuguese spoken in Brazil will vary from the Portuguese used in Portugal. The same differences exist in the Spanish spoken in different Latin American countries, Spain, and the Caribbean. If you have a mixed target audience (people from Brazil and Portugal, for example), Multilingual Planet will come up with the right solution in order to accomplish a successful product.

What do I need to know about non-Western fonts?

Think ahead before requesting your final product on diskette if the language you are translating is Chinese or Russian, or another non-Western language. Unless you have the fonts and compatible system and tools needed, you may not be able to open these documents. Most Western language software uses a one-byte character system, while some other languages, including Chinese, need a two-byte system. Multilingual Planet can provide you with other solutions, such as camera-ready quality hard copy, or send you the document in an PDF format.

Our Goal is to create long-term relationships with you with our clients: by working closely we can have a clear understanding of all your requirements. You will find Multilingual Planet a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive company. Keeping an open mind, trust and respect for the client are some of our company's values.


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