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Design, Print and Layout:

Translations must communicate the message that we are trying to convey in the target language with correct words but also the words must be presented graphically with a strong design, appropriately and effectively. Even the best translation can have specifications for international publishing standards. We can convert layout templates to multilingual templates and by doing so, your documents become culturally appropriate in the market your company wants to get into.

Multilingual Planet provides desktop publishing, design and layout in all languages. We are experienced in all kind of projects with both Mac and PC systems. At Multilingual Planet, LLC we understand how important it is that your translated documents stay in the same format as your English pieces. By providing Desktop Publishing solutions with QuarkXpress, Page Maker, Frame Maker, Illustrator and many other programs, we will help you achieve the final product that you desire. By working with your original design and formatting the translated text to match the original layout, we will duplicate the same layout and style represented in your original document.

We will deliver the project back to you with all fonts, images, and logo. Our team will work closely with you to make sure the project maintains your request. We can provide output in EPS, PDF or native language with fonts. If you prefer we can use an Acrobat reader so that you do not need special fonts and operating systems in order to receive the view the text. In EPS format you can manipulate the text and you can place it into your desired layout. With PDF file you will be able to print from the document however you will not be able to manipulate the text.

There are some languages like Japanese or Chinese that can not be sent back to you in Microsoft Word. Some of the options we can give you for Asian languages are to have them delivered using Illustrator EPS outline or as a PDF file. Once your document has been translated, we can return it to you via regular mail or with an electronic file. Contact us to discuss all your multilingual DTP and design needs!


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