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How to Obtain Translation Quality Control:

In order to create good translation quality control we need to know some basics such as: language(s) and the country of origin of your target group. Spanish in Spain is not the same as it is in Mexico. Remember that translating from English to a Roman language will expand at least 20 to 25% more from the original text.

We need to know what format your document was designed in (software program) and in what format you expect the final version. Specify if your layout has graphics or if you need special margins. Also let us know if you prefer PC or MAC, or have a preference of receiving the document in PDF, EPS, or any other format.

It will be helpful to know if this is a single translation or a part of series. If your translation is the first of other similar translations, it could help us to create a similar glossary for the new translations so we can keep consistency with the other documents.

What is the final goal with the translation? Is it a mass-market audience or a niche? Is it a well-educated, urban or general population? In other words: Are you explaining how to use complex equipment or product to an engineer or to a regular consumer? Do you want to use a business tone or a more casual tone? Do you prefer an aggressive, reserved or neutral tone in other to accomplish your goal?

  • Once we have analyzed  your final goals and needs, then we select the best team to work closely with your project.
  • Each translator works only in their own specialty field.
  • All our translators work only into their native language.
  • We always make sure that before a translator is assigned to a project he/she is clear of final task.
  • The translation passes through a final inspection with our quality assurance team that helps to refine the final translation.

Working with the both the decision-makers on the project as well as a contact person knowledgeable about the content of the original document is key for a successful outcome. This will provide a direct avenue to clarify any questions in the textís content, and make sure we understand your expectations.

We also need to know your time frame so we can plan ahead with our team members to meet your deadline. To send us your specifications, use our request sheet by searching in our site and printing out the "Agreement of Project Specifications Sheet" Learn more Then just send it back to us. We will contact you to clarify any questions you may have. Or, if you would rather contact us directly by phone, fax or e-mail, please do not hesitate to do so at the following numbers.


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